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Why Chicken Soup on Facebook Returns a Warning About Child Sexual Abuse?

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In other languages, “chicken soup” can mean something else on Facebook. People might use it secretly on social media to share bad pictures of kids without getting caught.

Facebook flagged searches for “chicken soup” as potentially dangerous because of connections to content that may involve child sex abuse.
When users look for a common dish like “get well soon,” different results show up. A prompt pops up immediately, warning about the illegality of child sexual abuse. It mentions the serious consequences, including imprisonment, for engaging in such activities. This warning stems from information provided by the UK-based NGO Safeguarding and Child Protection Association. They explain that those who distribute abusive images use these innocent-sounding keywords as a way to share harmful content on social media without being detected.

“Chicken soup” may sound innocent, but it’s associated with a term used online to discuss child pornography. This is called “caldo de pollo” in Spanish. “Caldo de pollo” is shortened to “CP,” which is also an acronym for “child pornography.”

According to the reports, peddlers of pedophilic content sometimes employ generic terms with the initials “CP” or use codes like “caldo de pollo,” meaning “chicken soup” in Spanish, to evade detection.

Reports from US media reveal that using terms with the initials “C.P.,” a common abbreviation for child pornography, helps those distributing exploitative content avoid detection by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter). This allows harmful content to remain on these platforms.

While the specific reason for using this term is unclear, Facebook noticed a pattern and issued warnings in its place to address the issue.

Facebook does not permit any activities or content that mistreats or exploits children, as per the Facebook Community Standards. It expressly outlaws any words, photographs, films, artwork, digital content, or other materials that sexualize children—whether or not they are real.

Why chicken Soup is being flagged for Suspicious activity?

Chicken Soup
“Chicken Soup” Facebook search result

“Chicken soup” is being flagged for suspicious activity because it’s being used as a code for sharing and requesting links to child abuse images and videos. Twitter user @KingBobIIV shared the Facebook message that appeared after searching for “chicken soup,” prompting @ItsPropaPanda to explain that some users were using terms like “C.P.” (short for “child pornography”) or codes like “caldo de pollo” (which means “chicken soup” in Spanish) to discuss and share harmful content.

This theory seems to be supported by a recent arrest in Brownsville, Texas. On July 20, 2023, Valley Central News reported that a man who had been found in possession of child pornography had clarified that the meaning of his message “tienes CP?” was to request “caldo de pollo.” Daniel Robles-Contreras was placed under arrest on allegations that he had child pornographic material in his hands and intended to watch it.

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