How Many Universities are in Nepal

How Many Universities are in Nepal? As of 2023 AD

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Introduction to How Many Universities Are in Nepal?

Nеpal and a picturеsquе land nеstlеd in thе lap of thе mighty Himalayas and boasts a divеrsе rangе of univеrsitiеs an’ autonomous institutions. As of 2023 AD thеrе arе 17 univеrsitiеs an’ 5 autonomous institutions in Nеpal. Within thе fabric of Nеpal’s еducational systеm and thеsе еducational еstablishmеnts hold paramount importance. By providin’ quality еducation and fostеrin’ rеsеarch and an’ promotin’ innovation and еach univеrsity an’ autonomous institution lеavеs an еndurin’ impact on Nеpal’s academic landscapе.

Universities in Nepal

Nepal boasts a diverse range of universities, each with its unique focus and offerings. Let’s take a closer look at the universities in Nepal:

  1. Tribhuvan University (TU): Established in 1959, Tribhuvan University is the oldest and largest university in Nepal. It provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs across various disciplines.
  2. Kathmandu University (KU): Established in 1991, It has gained a stellar reputation for its unwavering commitment to research and innovation. It offers programs in fields such as engineering, management, medicine, and social sciences.
  3. Pokhara University (PoU): Established in 1996, Pokhara University is located in the scenic city of Pokhara. It offers programs in disciplines such as engineering, management, health sciences, and humanities.
  4. Purbanchal University (PU): Purbanchal University, founded in 1993, is situated in Biratnagar. It focuses on promoting technical education and offers programs in engineering, management, agriculture, and health sciences.
  5. Rajarshi Janak University (RJU): RJU, established in 2017, aims to promote quality education in the province of Janakpur. It offers programs in humanities, social sciences, and management.
  6. Mid Western University (MWU): MWU, established in 2010, is located in Birendranagar, Surkhet. It focuses on providing education in science, technology, management, and humanities.
  7. Manmohan Technical University (MTU): Manmohan Technical University, established in 2018, is located in Kalaiya, Bara. It specializes in technical and vocational education.
  8. Far Western University (FWU): FWU, founded in 2010, is situated in Mahendranagar. It offers programs in science, management, humanities, and social sciences.
  9. Gandaki University (GU): Gandaki University, established in 2015, is located in Lamachaur, Pokhara. It offers programs in engineering, management, and social sciences.
  10. Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU): AFU, established in 2010, is located in Rampur, Chitwan. It focuses on agricultural and forestry education and research.
  11. Nepal Open University (NOU): NOU, established in 2016, is dedicated to providing distance education in various disciplines.
  12. Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU): LBU, founded in 2004, is situated in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It specializes in Buddhist studies and philosophy.
  13. Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology (MBUST): MBUST, established in 2019, is located in Surkhet. It focuses on science and technology education.
  14. Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU): NSU, founded in 1986, is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Sanskrit language and literature.
  15. Madhesh Agricultural University (MAU): MAU, established in 2012, is located in Sarlahi. It specializes in agricultural education and research.
  16. Madhesh University (MU): MU, founded in 2019, is situated in Janakpurdham. It offers programs in management, humanities, and social sciences.
  17. Lumbini Technological University (LTU): LTU, established in 2016, is located in Butwal. It focuses on technical and technological education.

Autonomous Institutions in Nepal

In addition to the universities, Nepal also has autonomous institutions that cater to specific areas of study. Let’s explore the autonomous institutions in Nepal:

  1. B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS): BPKIHS, located in Dharan, is a premier institution for medical education and research in Nepal.
  2. Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS): PAHS, situated in Lalitpur, is another leading institution specializing in health sciences education.
  3. Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS): KAHS, located in Jumla, focuses on providing quality health sciences education to the people of Karnali province.
  4. Madhesh Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS): MIHS, situated in Janakpurdham, is committed to enhancing healthcare education and research in the Madhesh region.
  5. Madan Bhandari Academy of Health Sciences (MBAHS): MBAHS, located in Birtamod, aims to promote health sciences education and research in eastern Nepal.

These autonomous institutions contribute significantly to the development of healthcare professionals and the advancement of medical research in Nepal.


Q: How many universities are there in Nepal as of 2023 AD?

A: As of 2023 AD, there are 17 universities in Nepal.

Q: What are some of the well-known universities in Nepal?

A: Some of the well-known universities in Nepal include Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, and Pokhara University.

Q: Are there any specialized universities in Nepal?

A: Yes, Nepal has specialized universities such as Agriculture and Forestry University, Lumbini Buddhist University, and Nepal Sanskrit University.

Q: What is the purpose of autonomous institutions in Nepal?

A: Autonomous institutions in Nepal focus on specialized areas of study, such as health sciences, and play a vital role in training professionals in those fields.

Q: How do universities in Nepal contribute to the country’s development?

A: Universities in Nepal contribute to the country’s development by providing quality education, conducting research, and producing skilled graduates who contribute to various sectors of the economy.

Q: Are the universities in Nepal recognized internationally?

A: Yes, many universities in Nepal have international recognition and collaborate with renowned institutions worldwide for academic and research purposes.

Conclusion to How Many Universities Are in Nepal

Nеpal’s acadеmic landscapе has witnеssеd significant growth ovеr thе yеars and with thе еstablishmеnt of numеrous univеrsitiеs an’ autonomous institutions. Thеsе institutions arе thе rеal dеal whеn it comеs to shapin’ thе еducational and rеsеarch and an’ profеssional scеnе of thе country. With thеir divеrsе offеrings an’ commitmеnt to еxcеllеncе and thеy contributе to thе ovеrall dеvеlopmеnt of Nеpal. As of 2023 AD thеrе arе 17 univеrsitiеs an’ 5 autonomous institutions in Nеpal and providin’ a range of еducational opportunitiеs across various fields.

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