20 Popular Nepali Fonts in 2023: Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal and Readability

In this article, We explore 20 popular Nepali fonts widely used for typing, printing, and graphic design. If you know Nepali, you might have seen various fonts that add a unique touch to written content. Different fonts impact readability and aesthetic appeal. Introduction: Popular Nepali Fonts Nepali fonts are an essential aspect of written communication […]

Pornography in Nepal: A Look at the Problem and How It Affects Us

Introduction Pornography in Nepal. Pornography means showing sexual stuff made to turn people on. It’s a big deal in Nepal, with serious impacts on society, culture, and people’s minds. 1. The Status of Pornography in Nepal The use and making of porn in Nepal are going up. This happens because of things like easy internet […]

Punishment for Online Gambling in Nepal

Introduction to Punishment for Online Gambling in Nepal Punishment for Online Gambling in Nepal. In recent years, online gambling has gained significant popularity worldwide, including in Nepal. To engage in online gambling in Nepal, it’s crucial to grasp the legal implications and potential consequences involved. This article seeks to provide valuable information to individuals who […]

Lord Puneet Superstar: Biography, Wiki, Bigg Boss, Net Worth, Real Age, Girlfriend

Introduction Welcome to this comprehensive article on Lord Puneet Superstar, a rising star in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore Puneet Superstar’s biography, wiki, his stint on Bigg Boss, his net worth, real age, and his relationship status with his girlfriend. Puneet Superstar has been making waves in the industry with his […]

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